the boss baby

Entertaining Boss baby talks back to you what ever you say in Boss baby voice.Shake the phone and Boss Baby dances for you.

1. Talk to the Baby Boss and baby boss will listen to you.
2. Baby boss will talk back to you.
3. Shake the phone and Talking Baby boss dances for you.
4. Hit the Talking Baby Boss and Baby Boss cries for you.
5. If the baby is bored Baby will fall asleep with no sounds. Keep interacting with the baby so that baby does not fall into sound sleep.

New Boss baby style. Talking Baby much than talking cats and talking dogs. Unlike Toms and Teds of the world, Boss baby is innocent and entertaining for kids. You can use any Baby Names for the baby boss of the app and is a great entertainer if you are into Baby Games. This is one of the best baby games around.Become a baby boss Maker before Talking baby becomes interactive with you. You can Adopt one of the Baby and become an adopter by giving them baby name. adopt  babies and give them Baby Name and play with the Boss Baby.

Improved Baby Center background now. baby making it Talking Friends. Talk to the Talking Friends and have fun.

Download from play store


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